A Day Spent on a Tiny Farm

A brush with nature is always uplifting and fills the heart with joy

Photo by Anu Anniah

All my life I have been on a quest to find a friend who owns a farm or at least a piece of land out in the countryside. Being a city person, I have not had too many opportunities to hang out in the countryside.

My wish was granted in a different way when a dear friend bought a piece of farmland! I was ecstatic when she suggested an overnight stay at the farm. Very conveniently, my friend’s friend has built a beautiful farmhouse on a nearby plot, and was more than happy to have people stay over!

It was a dream come true.

Straight from the cow

We started early in the morning and reached in time for breakfast. The farmhouse has a fully equipped kitchen. We were soaking in the sights and sounds when we heard a moo, followed by a couple more moos. Turns out that there is a goshala (a small dairy) right next to my friend’s land. How cool is that! A few minutes later, one of the folks from the goshala came along and handed us a mug full of fresh warm frothy milk. I was over the moon!

I made coffee for all of us, and I swear it was the tastiest coffee ever! I still can’t get over the fact that I was lucky enough to get access to freshly milked milk 🙂

Photo by Anu Anniah

Meeting the local flora and fauna

Not a minute was to be wasted. We had so many sights to drink in. We set off on a local walk with my friend being the expert guide.

We met Vanilla.

Photo of Vanilla by Anu Anniah

Vanilla is a local dog who has adopted the area and also adopted us very quickly. He insisted on coming with us for our walks. We weren’t about to be lost, but if we were, Vanilla would come in handy.

My friend pointed out tons of flowers and named them all. It was hard to keep pace with her speed and enthusiasm. So I will post the pictures here with names (if I remember).

Passion fruit flower by Anu Anniah
Rose by Anu Anniah
Rudra palash by Anu Anniah
Chrysanthemum by Anu Anniah

Then we met a very important resident of the farm. Her name is Ruby. She is such a cutie. Last heard, the farm folks were engaged in matchmaking activities for her. Wonder if they plan to start a stud farm…

Picture of Ruby the pony by Anu Anniah

Don’t miss the wind chimes on the tree. The beautiful tinkling kept us enthralled each time there was a tiny gust of wind.

A tiny temple and a lily pond

It was unbelievable to find a tiny temple and a beautiful lily pond right next to the farm. We walked in, made ourselves comfortable under a tree, and just sat and admired the beautiful yellow and pink water lillies in the pond.

Tiny temple photo by Anu Anniah
Pictures by Anu Anniah

Time stood still. We checked the time after what seemed like hours, and time hadn’t moved it all. It was a wonderful feeling.

We lazily ambled back to the house, made lunch, ate, slept on the front porch, and there was still sooo much time left in the day.

A glorious sunset

We set out for an evening walk and to catch the sunset. My friend knew the lay of the land, and we met some amazing wildflowers on the way.

I love empty country roads since I don’t see them often. And I love sitting in the middle and getting myself photographed. That’s exactly what I did, and I had Vanilla for company 🙂

Photo clicked using Anu Anniah’s Google Pixel
Rainwater in an abandoned stone quarry. Photo by Anu Anniah
Green grass, blue skies, brown trees. Photo by Anu Anniah

Weeds and wildflowers. Photos by Anu Anniah

We sat by the roadside and watched the sun set. All sorts of birds were busy gathering their friends and flying home. As we watched, a sort of quietness descended all around. It was as if nature was signaling us to hush since the day animals needed to get some sleep.

Sunset photo by Anu Anniah

We got super lucky. It was the night before the full moon. We carried our dinner to the terrace along with a bottle of wine. Lying on the terrace, staring up at the glorious near-full moon, with not a human around for miles, it still felt safe and comfortable. There was something about the farm. The vibe was positive and pleasant.

We chatted, gazed at the stars, pondered about life, and at the end of it all, it was still just 10:30 pm. Time simply seemed to slow down there. It was a perfect night.

Get up, it is sunrise time!

We could not afford to miss watching the sun rise right in front of our eyes. Once again, a fresh warm mug of milk arrived, and we quickly brewed our coffee. We were ready to watch the show.

Photo by Anu Anniah

As we watched with bated breath, the sun slowly rose out of the morning mist. All the birds were in a tizzy. They could not contain their excitement. They were twittering and spreading the happy news that another day was about to begin. So much to do, so many places to fly to, and I suppose so many worms to eat!

Photo by Anu Anniah

And just like that, to the sound of a crescendo inaudible to human ears, the sun rose bright and orange and bestowed his warmth and light on the creatures of the earth. What a sight!

Cannot miss the morning walk

There was so much more to explore by morning light. So we set off once again tromping about in unknown lands.

Several birds had gathered on the wires above and I could imagine the amount of gossip being generated because of our presence in their land. They all chirped non-stop.

I suppose this is how celebrities feel when there are so many tweets about them! 🙂

Photo by Anu Anniah

We spotted several beautiful flowers on the way. Such prettiness.

Morning glory, rose, and <unknown> flowers. Photos by Anu Anniah

Our destination this morning was a lily pond. We had seen the water lilies after they had fallen asleep the previous evening. We wanted to catch them awake.

Pond photo by Anu Anniah

After this spectacular view of the water lilies and the beautiful reflection of trees in the tiny pond, we reluctantly dragged ourselves back to the farm.

Breakfast was a fun affair with grilled veg. sandwiches and leftover wine 🙂

Photo by Anu Anniah

Suddenly, time began to move at the usual fast pace again. It was time to head back to the city.

But I had a head full of memories and a phone full of photographs of the wonderful farm visit.

Sigh! I think I can survive on this memory for some time before I begin to thirst for another trip somewhere.

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