Choosing to Linger And Remember

My ‘gone too soon’ little hamster buddy

Photo by Anu Anniah

A live furball
with bead eyes and perky ears
a life I could hold
caress, tummy rub

Soft beyond words
a living breathing teddy bear like I always wanted
calming, peaceful
unbothered by the rat race of life, heh

Each time I think of him
I am making a choice
a choice to stay with his memory
to remember his gentle softness
as he slept blissfully in one palm of my hand

I am making a choice
not to move on from his memory
to savor for some time
the spell he cast on me
to linger and hold on
to the feeling of his tiny softness in my hands

To thank my luck for the chance
to care for a life that asked for nothing in return
while giving me so much fun
and such soothing moments

To just let the waves of ‘I miss him’
wash over me
just for a moment
just for a bit
just for a lifetime

My pet hamster, Bushy, was with us for about two-and-a-half years. He gave my daughter and me countless moments of joy. I cannot thank him enough for becoming a part of our lives.

R.I.P Dear Bushy, my Zen Baba Hamster

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